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Hold a street party | Hold a street party | Birmingham City Council

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Hold a street party

Street parties are a great part of community life and culture and an ideal opportunity for friends and neighbours to come together to celebrate an event and support charities which matter to your community.

You must have permission from us if you want to close the road during your party.

If you can't close your road, you may be able to hold your event in a park or a leisure centre.

The main differences between a small street party and larger public event are:

Street parties:

  • For residents/neighbours only
  • Publicity only to residents
  • No licences normally necessary if music incidental and no selling is involved
  • No formal risk assessment needed
  • Self-organised

Larger public events:

  • Anyone can attend
  • External publicity (such as in newspapers)
  • Licence usually needed
  • Insurance needed
  • Risk assessment common
  • Professional/skilled organisers