Apply for a dangerous wild animals licence

You must have a licence to keep dangerous wild animals.

Animals classed as ‘dangerous wild animals’ are identified in an accompanying schedule to the Dangerous Wild Animals Act 1976. Examples may include venomous snakes, venomous spiders and most primates.

Zoos, pet shops and circuses are exempt from the provisions of the Act as these premises have separate licensing conditions.

We will call upon the services of an approved vet for new applications.

Applying for a licence

Before applying for any animal welfare licences you should discuss your business proposal with the Senior Animal Welfare Officer first. If your application is for a new or purpose-built premises, you’ll also need planning permission before your application can be considered.

Apply online

To apply in writing, complete the downloadable application form and return it to the address below.

We aim to process applications within 25 days. Contact us if we have not given you a decision after this time.

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