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Which streets can I apply to trade on?

The council doesn’t have a list of potential street trading sites. It’s up to you to identify the site you want to apply to trade on.

It may be useful to look at sites which people have successfully applied to trade on in the past.

When you apply for consent, make sure you are a specific as possible about where you wish to trade. If you are given street trading consent, it will be for an exact location.

You’re unlikely to be given consent to trade on a main road or anywhere where you could cause congestion or an obstruction or congestion, such as near to schools.

We don’t give consent in areas that have parking restrictions of any sort, including official local authority car parks.

City centre and football club sites are full

We’re not currently accepting applications for street trading on any site in the city centre or at football clubs. These sites are full.

If a site becomes available, it will be advertised.

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