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Safe use of hackney carriages (taxis) and private hire vehicles

To stay safe whilst using licensed taxis and private hire vehicles, make sure you:

  • never get into a private hire vehicle if you have not booked it through an operator
  • book private hire vehicles in advance - the driver will not be insured to carry you if you don’t
  • check that the vehicle you’re getting into is the vehicle you booked
  • do not tell the driver your name; ask what name is on the booking
  • find out where the nearest rank is in relation to where you’re going so that you can get straight into a vehicle when you’re ready to go home
  • use the marshalled taxi ranks at weekends on Broad Street and Arcadian Centre wherever possible as they’re in busy well lit areas
  • avoid leaving the busy areas and heading down the back streets which attract uninsured and unlicensed vehicles
  • look out for the required signage on the vehicle
  • always try and take down the vehicle's plate number or registration number.
  • after nights out try and travel with friends and check that the last person dropped off made it home safely

Find a city centre taxi rank

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