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Discover art throughout the library

Different wall spaces around the Library of Birmingham can be used to display individual works of art. See some examples in the images below. Spaces are located throughout the building, so there’s an opportunity to place artwork alongside books and library services which provide context and appeal to similar audiences.

Two display walls featuring an embroidery and a photographic portrait.

Table of specifications
Space A variety of wall spaces are available throughout the Library of Birmingham.
Equipment Walls at the Library of Birmingham are standardly constructed of 30mm plasterboard. They are suitable for standard art-hanging fastenings such as mirror plates or hidden spring-lock brackets.
Specification Working heights throughout the building can vary, but it’s best to plan for a general working height of 3 metres. There are suspended ceiling in most parts of the library which are not suitable for suspended artwork.

Individual pieces of art are normally hung for a period of 12 months. It’s the responsibility of the exhibitor to organise hanging, removal and making-good at the end of the 12 months. A full RAMS (Risk Assessment and Method Statement) is normally required. If the artwork requires insurance, that too is the responsibility of the exhibitor.

Timescales Wall space in the Library of Birmingham needs to be considered on an installation-by-installation basis. Check with the library about timescales and availability.

If you are interested in holding your exhibition at the Library of Birmingham, complete our exhibitions enquiry form.

Page last updated: 20 December 2022

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