Shakespeare Memorial Room on floor nine

The Shakespeare Memorial Room is a popular visitor destination at the Library of Birmingham with over 2,000 visitors each week. The Shakespeare Room is a great space for partners whose exhibitions relate to Shakespeare, literature more widely, or Birmingham’s heritage. The beautiful Victorian interior is well suited to contemporary art installations which speak to Birmingham’s super-diverse population.

Interior of the Shakespeare Memorial Room at the Library of Birmingham. Exhibition cases and a digital screen are shown featuring Bollywood adaptations of Shakespeare.

Table of specifications
Space 6m x 8m
Equipment 3 high-quality display cases can be used to display books, 3D items, or artwork. Each case has a footprint of 650mm x 1500mm. Display panels behind each case can be used to provide exhibition narrative. As visitors enter the Shakespeare Room, a large display board can be used for the exhibition title and introductory text. Further artwork can be suspended from hanging points around the room.
Audio/visual 2 digital screens can be used to show complementary content using a looped MP4 film. Both sound and visuals can be used. 
Specification The general working height is over 5 metres with no scope for elements to be suspended from the ceiling. The Shakespeare Room is on floor 9 of the library and can be accessed by either lift or stairs.

The Shakespeare Memorial Room is ideal for partners who have some previous experience of curating a small exhibition and have a limited print budget.


The Shakespeare Memorial Room is usually booked about a year in advance.

If you are interested in holding your exhibition at the Library of Birmingham, complete our exhibitions enquiry form.

Page last updated: 20 December 2022

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