Support provided

After the occupational therapist has visited you, they will assess how much help you need. We’ll get in touch with you after the assessment to let you know our decision.

There are four levels of need:

  • level 0: no substantial need. You won’t be offered any assistance.
  • level 1: you have a low level of need. We may send you details of other places you can get help and support.
  • level 2: you have a medium level of need. We’ll offer you assistance within six months of your grant application being completed.
  • level 3: you have a high level of need. We’ll offer you assistance as soon as your grant application has been completed.

You can ask for extra support or adaptations, but the financial assistance we’ll give you will be based on the cost of the occupational therapist’s recommendations. If the work you want costs more, you will have to pay the extra cost.

If your home needs to be adapted, we will arrange for the work to take place. You can choose your own builder if you wish, but you must discuss this with us first, as there are several conditions the builder must meet.

Appeal against your assessment

You can appeal if you were as assessed at level 1, 2 or 3 and your physical condition has got worse since your assessment. To find out more, call us on 0121 303 1234.

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