What is a statutory listed building?

A Statutory Listed Building is a building or Structure which the Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport considers to be of special architectural or historic interest. Statutory Listed buildings are protected from demolition and alterations which would destroy historic features or affect its character. There are currently nearly 1500 Statutory Listed buildings In Birmingham.

Listed buildings are graded to show their importance:

Grade I: Buildings of exceptional quality (for example Birmingham Town Hall and Aston Hall).

Grade II*: Particularly important buildings (for example The Old Crown in Digbeth and Birmingham Council House).

Grade II: The majority of listed buildings of special interest.

  • To find out if a building is listed you can search the National Heritage List where detailed descriptions of each building are also available.
  • If you wish to put a building forward for Listing or want to request that its Listed status is removed, contact Historic England
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