What is a locally listed building?

A Locally Listed Building is a building, structure or feature which, whilst not listed by the Secretary of State, has been designated an important part of Birmingham’s heritage due to its architectural, historic or archaeological significance.

As with Statutory Listed Buildings, any works carried out should preserve or enhance the building and any features of architectural or historic interest retained and appropriate materials used. Inclusion in the local list does not give the building any statutory protection, but we have additional policies in the Birmingham Plan to help guide development.

There are currently 441 Locally Listed buildings, structures and features in the city.

To find out if a building is listed, see the Locally Listed Buildings Document

Locally Listed Buildings are assigned grades of importance:

Grade A: Buildings of statutory list quality, although not currently nationally listed. We will seek national listing or serve a Building Preservation Notice if it is imminently threatened.

Grade B: Structures or features that are important in the city wide architectural context or the local street scene, and warrant positive efforts to ensure their preservation.

Grade C: Significant in the local historical/vernacular context, including industrial archaeological features, and are therefore worthy of retention.


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