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Preparing for adulthood | Preparing for adulthood | Birmingham City Council

Preparing for adulthood

When a young person with a disability reaches 18 years of age, the responsibility for providing their social care support transfers from Children's to Adult Social Care and Health services.

A transition into adulthood plan should be made before the young person's 18th birthday to reflect all their needs for education, training, leisure, employment, health, wellbeing and social care. The plan is to enable young people to live as independently as possible.

When a young person reaches adulthood the services provided may change. This could mean that they are no longer eligible for the same services, or that different services may be more suitable.

To identify what their needs are we carry out an assessment.

This assessment is a thorough discussion with the young person and with parents or carers. This may also involve gathering information from other professionals who work with them and know their situation well.

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Will I have to pay for my support services?

You should be aware that some adult services may have to be paid for, but the actual amount you pay will depend on what services you receive and how much income you receive and any savings you have (If you have any).

You may be able to get help with these costs. We will help you fill out a financial assessment form to see if you qualify for financial support.

How will I get support?

We may provide or arrange services for you, but there are other ways of getting the support you need.

You can choose to have a Personal Budget and use the money that you receive from us to arrange your own support.

What is a personal budget?

What to do next?

If you already receive services as a young person you will need to contact your social work team to arrange the service for you.

If you are 18 and over and do not have a social worker and you need support please contact Adults Social Care and Health Services.