Adult Social Care (ASC) in Birmingham is focused on keeping people in their own homes and communities, and living independent lives whenever possible. All with their own choice and control so that they can live good quality lives and enjoy good health and wellbeing.

This is set out in detail in our Vision and Strategy for Adult Social Care.

ASC provides and undertakes a wide range of services as required by the Care Act 2014. These include:

  • providing information and advice about the support available for people to access in their communities
  • commissioning and providing services to tackle issues early that prevent and reduce the need for formal social care
  • supporting people who care for friends and family
  • considering equipment or IT solutions that could support people
  • assessments for people to identify their care and support needs
  • providing short term support for those who need it, sometimes called reablement
  • providing long term support and care for people who need it through a support package. This could be in their own home, day opportunities, supported housing, or a care home
  • undertaking safeguarding discussions – which has the intent to support vulnerable adults to be protected from abuse or neglect

You can find more information on the Care Act and eligibility on the central government website.

Unlike the NHS, Adult Social Care is not free for everyone, and you may need to pay for some of your care, or contribute to it.

You can find more information on this and the potential costs of care across the website.

Page last updated: 3 July 2023

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