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The vision for the BAAPB | Birmingham Autism and ADHD Partnership Board | Birmingham City Council

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The vision for the BAAPB

Birmingham Autism and ADHD Partnership Board’s vision is that all people with autism, whatever their age, have the same opportunities as anyone else to live rewarding and fulfilling lives.

There are six main areas in which we intend to deliver progress are to implement:

  • training and raise awareness
  • pathways for diagnosis
  • pathways for diagnosis and support

and to improve,

  • opportunities for employment, education and leisure
  • opportunities for employment and education
  • access to services
  • transitions from childhood
  • interactions with the criminal justice system

In addressing these areas it is anticipated that there will be more positive experiences and outcomes for people with autism from statutory organisations (such as the NHS, Social Care, Education, Police and the Criminal Justice System) as well as from many other organisations as awareness and understanding of autism improves and ignorance and stigma reduce.

We want to ensure we are drawing upon resources and skills from local people and communities to create a more inclusive City for people with autism and ADHD.

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