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Improving transition to adulthood | Preparing for adulthood | Birmingham City Council

Improving transition to adulthood

The council is collaborating with University of Warwick over the next two years in a National Research partnership to better understand how innovation for vulnerable young people and care leavers can be supported to become sustainable and make a difference.

The research aligns with our current aims to achieve whole system change to make impact on our care leavers.

With Birmingham identified as one of six research sites from around the UK, a care-experienced team of researchers from Warwick Business School are focusing on PFA and a second innovation to be identified.

This work is being championed by both Birmingham City Council and Birmingham Children's Trust.

In addition to PFA, work is also being undertaken to identifying a second innovation to be included in this project.

The research will focus upon the whole system change we are aiming to achieve and the impact that it has upon our care leavers.

Introduction to the EXIT study