Household recycling centres (Council tips)

If you have extra recycling or rubbish that won’t fit into your bins, you can take it to one of our household recycling centres:

If you have a van or a car with a large trailer, you will need a permit to use a household recycling centre.

Find out more about how to access a household recycling centre with a van or large trailer.

Report a problem at a recycling centre

Commercial waste

You cannot take any commercial or business waste to a household recycling centre. We may inspect any waste and may refuse to accept where there is a doubt about its origin.

Recycling banks

Visit the Local Recycling website to find recycling banks near you. Remember you can also put your recycling out for collection or take it to your nearest household recycling centre.

On-street recycling banks are being removed across Birmingham, as they attract fly-tipping. We are working with partner organisations to see if they would be willing to host recycling facilities in appropriate locations.