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Bin chutes in high and low rise buildings

Bin chutes are used across the city mainly in tower and maisonette blocks for residents to dispose of household waste.  These are a very efficient way of disposing of your domestic waste, but it is very important that you use them properly because they can get blocked easily and safety features can become damaged. 

To ensure ongoing and efficient operation of the chutes;

  • only dispose of household waste in small quantities. Anything larger than a carrier bag can block the chutes which can cause an inconvenience to you, as well as other users;
  • don’t put large or awkward shaped items (such as pizza boxes, delivery boxes) down the chute because they will get jammed. If you can tear up the item first, please do so
  • do not force items into the chute which are too large as internal fire safety seals can become dislodged or damaged;
  • if you would like to collect your waste in a larger bag before visiting the chute, please leave it untied and empty the contents of the bag down the chute. You can either reuse your bag or dispose of it down the chute;
  • please ensure dangerous items such as broken glass or sharp tins are wrapped up securely before throwing down the chutes.
  • please put wet waste (such as tea bags, peelings, leftovers) into small bags before disposing of them in the chute
  • utilise recycling facilities at your block, if available, to separate recyclable goods from the rest of your general domestic waste.  This will help you to reduce the amount of waste you put into the chute and help to prevent blockages.

Residents must not attempt to dispose of bulky items in the bin chutes as they are highly likely to create a blockage which puts the chute out of operation and creates a significant fire risk.

If you have access to transport, you can dispose of bulky items free of charge at one of five Household Recycling Centre’s (refuse tips) across the city.

If you don't have access to transport you can book a bulky waste, please visit the webpage and for further information on donating furniture.

Birmingham's Household Recycling Centre’s are run on behalf of the City Council by Veolia Environmental Services. Visit the Veolia website to find out when they are open, and what types of rubbish you can take.

Finally please do not fly tip or dump black bags or other waste in the communal areas or next to the rubbish chutes or bin rooms.  This significantly increases the fire risk throughout our blocks and puts residents’ and their visitors at risk.

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