Apply for consent to distribute free printed materials (leaflets, flyers, etc)

If you want to distribute free printed materials such as leaflets, booklets, flyers or newspapers, you must apply for a consent card first. Consent cards cost £260 and are valid for 12 months. Your application will be processed within 7 days.

If you are considering running an event (e.g. setting up stalls, use of vehicles, actors, costumes, video screens etc.) or wish to distribute more than just leaflets ie. free samples or products in the City Centre then you must also seek permission from Birmingham City Centre Management who can be contacted by emailing This is in addition to applying for consent.

Permitted areas in Birmingham

These materials must only be distributed in the three areas we allow, which are:

You can view maps of these allowed areas.

Apply online

Apply for consent to distribute free printed materials

Apply in writing

To apply in writing, complete the downloadable application form and return it to the address on the form. 

Terms of use

You can give your consent card to anyone you choose, providing it is used by one person at a time and they do not break any of our conditions. You will need to pay for additional consent cards if you want more than one person to distribute your free printed materials at the same time. For instance, if you wanted 10 people to hand out leaflets together, you would need to apply and pay for 10 individual consent cards.


You don’t need to apply for consent if your free printed materials are for:

  • charitable causes
  • political purposes
  • religious beliefs

Contact us

For further information please phone 0121 303 9902 or contact us online