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Environmental Search


We offer search reports to those wishing to find further environmental information on a property in Birmingham.

We can search on a range of different types of premises or land types, these include the following scenarios:

  • Individual property search (this option is for both commercial or residential properties within the Birmingham city boundary).
  • Land search (this option is for any open land spaces within the Birmingham city boundary).
  • New property search (this search is for a partially built or new property less than 6 months old and within the Birmingham city boundary) which may not have a postcode allocated yet.

There are two types of reports available; the home buyers report or the professional report. A description of what is included in each report is detailed below including any associated costs. If you require either report, these can be requested by using the 'request an environmental search report' button above.

Please note: the information we hold on areas of land in Birmingham varies in detail. If you require further information on which type of report will suit your requirements please use the service specific enquiry form.

If you wish to pay for this service by card, please have your details to hand. We accept the following:

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Essential Information
  • We operate a strategy to identify contaminated land by:

    • Investigations of land that we believe may be contaminated
    • Taking enforcement action to remedy land contamination
    • Maintaining a public register of all land in Birmingham determined as contaminated
    • Providing advice to planners / land or property developers / environmental consultants on possible or actual land contamination which may affect planning applications

    We will investigate certain complaints relating to possible or actual land pollution.

    We operate a service to provide environmental information to customers (members of the public/solicitors/environmental consultants) to assist in the conveyancing process. There is a charge (see below on homer buyers report and professional search report).

    If you would like to request information on specific contaminated land in Birmingham. Please use the 'request an environmental search report' button above.

    For further information on contaminated land please see attachments and the FAQ section of the page.

  • This search includes a review of the current priority of a site under our contaminated land strategy.

    The letter will state whether the site is a priority or not a priority for further inspection under our contaminated land strategy and a brief explanation of the reasons behind the decision. This will include a review of historical land uses, any site investigation reports and other relevant information on which the decision is based.

    This search will typically answer home buyers and solicitor’s enquires and will typically provide the further information required if a commercial search has been found to be “in need of further assessment” or “further action”.

    We will process your request within 5 working days and send your report to you by post, fax or email.

    Please navigate to the Fees and Charges page for the price of this report.

  • This search includes a review of the current priority of a site under our Contaminated Land Strategy. We will also search our records for answers to more specific questions requested by the enquirer, for example information on nearby closed landfill sites, industrial processes, private water supplies, radon gas and the availability of site investigation reports.

    This search will typically answer environmental consultant’s enquiries.

    Your request will be processed within 5 working days and your report will be sent by post, fax or email.

    Please navigate to the Fees and Charges page for the price of this report.

  • If you would like to make a request for a refund, please use our service specific enquiry page. All requests are dealt with on an individual basis, and will be investigated by one of our officers. We may have to contact you to ask for further information about your request before a decision is made.

Frequently Asked Questions
    • No. The Contaminated Land Team only undertakes investigations on the highest priority sites identified under the Contaminated Land Inspection Strategy.

      The Contaminated Land Team does not offer a soil testing service to the public. Nor can we recommend private companies that can undertake such work. Many can be found in the yellow pages under “Environmental Consultants”, “Site Investigations”, “Laboratory Facilities & Services”

    • A guidance leaflet is available on the attachment section of this page. The PDF document provides guidance on undertaking a site investigation and the matters to be considered when submitting a remediation proposal for approval.

      We can provide general advice regarding what will be required to comply with the planning condition but cannot carry out the investigation for you.

      You will normally need to appoint an environmental consultant or site investigation engineer to undertake the investigation for you.