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Re-use charities and organisations in Birmingham

If you have any unwanted items that are too good to throw away, why not donate them to one of the re-use charities and organisations in Birmingham?

Jericho Foundation

A new re-use focused social enterprise based at Norris Way Household Recycling Centre, in Sutton Coldfield. The ReUsers are managed by employment and skills charity The Jericho Foundation. It sells items donated by Birmingham citizens that are re-usable or deemed too good to throw away, that previously would have been sent to the HRC for disposal.

Money raised from the ReUsers goes to the Jericho Foundation who works with disadvantaged individuals through training and employment programmes.

Items that can be donated include furniture, repairable or working audio/visual equipment/small electrical items, clothing, antiques, collectables, retro goodies, bric-a-brac, framed artworks and prints, tools, toys, games, exercise equipment, camping outdoor and leisure items, bicycles (made roadworthy by on-site partner bike2life) and CDs/DVDs.

Tel: 0121 329 2797

The ReUsers

Email ReUsers@Jericho.org.uk

Jericho Wood Recycling

Jericho Wood recycling aims to save natural valuable wood that otherwise would go to landfill. It offers a wood collection service that will be more competitively priced compared to other methods of disposal. They will collect items such as joists, floor boards, doors and old furniture.

Tel 0121 440 7919

Email woodshack@Jericho.org.uk

Ladywood Furniture Project

Ladywood Furniture Project aims to help anyone in Birmingham who has a genuine need of furniture. The charity helps people on benefits or low income to find good, affordable furniture whilst helping local people develop employment skills through volunteering in their community. They are the only charity in the West Midlands collecting furniture that will be supplied to people on benefits or who cannot afford to get credit. The items they will collect free of charge include useable furniture such as beds, wardrobes, cabinets and sofas subject to the condition of the item and meeting health and safety regulations.

Tel 0121 455 7133


Freegle is a network of local online groups where you can give away unwanted items that are too good to throw away to locals in your community. Alternatively, you may find something that you need that somebody else is giving away. This reduces items that may otherwise end up as landfill or sent to the incinerator or lie around going to waste.

Birmingham Scrapstore

The Birmingham Scrapstore collects clean waste from business and commerce. It is then made available to their members, who include; play settings, nurseries, schools, community artists, community organisations or individuals and families. The stock often varies and can be used for anything – loose parts play, arts and crafts, creating play environments, costumes, or whatever you want to do with it.

Birmingham Scrapstore would love to offer members a wider variety of materials, including balls of wool, buttons, ribbons, trimmings, lace, threads, elastic, braids, velcro, needles or anything haberdashery.

Tel: 0121 236 2917