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Aston Pride New Deal for Communities (NDC) Programme Programme - 2001 - 2011

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Aston is an area with a long and proud history and is now a bustling urban neighbourhood. Established in 2001 Aston Pride (NDC) was a programme of intense regeneration for the area.

It was one of 39 Government funded New Deal for Communities (NDC) regeneration programmes in England. This innovative initiative provided long-term grant funding to enable local partnerships to deliver outcomes designed to make a real difference in their neighbourhoods. The Aston Pride programme operated from 2001 until 2011 and received grant funding of £54m.

What was Achieved

Over the ten years of the programme, Aston Pride launched or supported an impressive 135 different initiatives or projects, designed to improve the lives of the 17,300 residents in the area. Aston Pride has seen the greatest positive change of all 39 NDCs in the country. A national evaluation of all NDC Partnerships praised the Aston Prides Programme’s performance in education, worklessness and health: being placed first,and first and second amongst the 39 NDCs for each of the theme areas respectively.


  • Aston Pride Community Health Centre - £8m investment in a brand new health centre with longer opening hours and provision of a wide range of health services.


  • Key Stage 2 performance improved from 49.1% in 2002 to 73% in 2010 narrowing the gap with Birmingham from 20.7% to just 4%.

  • Key Stage 4 performance has also been impressive, with attainment levels improving from 34.2% in 2002 to 83% in 2010.

  • The award winning Aston Pride ICT Project placed 2,500 computers in residents’ homes, along with access to subsidised broadband connectivity.


  • Aston Pride projects have supported 1,328 local residents into employment.

Community Safety

  • Close partnership working with West Midlands Police has meant that Aston Pride projects have significantly reduced the fear and perception of crime and have dramatically reduced burglary rates. According to The Home Office, the burglary rate of 2.65 per 1,000 population (2009/10) places the area as the third safest place in the UK.

Housing & Environment

  • The appearance of the local area has been significantly improved and it is now a much cleaner place in which to live. The number of residents who saw litter as a serious problem decreased significantly, from 56% in 2002 to 32% in 2008.

  • Investment of £3.8m in Aston Hall & Park - provision of a new sports pavilion, new sports facilities and refurbished rooms for community use.

Community Leadership

  • Aston Pride has strengthened the capacity of local voluntary and community groups; the £470,000 Community Chest project supported approximately 4,100 local residents, 440 volunteers and over 120 projects.

Further details of Aston Pride's achievements are available in the brochure below or at www.aston-pride.org.uk

Aston Pride – Programme Review

At the end of the programme a review of NDC activities was carried out The review considers the development and delivery of the Aston Pride Programme and explores the factors that have contributed to the Programme’s success. It also seeks to identify the issues and lessons learnt that will help inform the future approach to regeneration delivery. A copy of the review is below

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