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Refuse and Recycling Assisted Collections


To request or cancel a refuse and recycling assisted collection click the button above.

We are committed to enabling all households to participate in refuse and recycling services wherever possible. We recognise that, due to personal circumstances such as infirmity or disability, some households may have difficulty using the standard council service and therefore, we need to make alternative arrangements.

We will provide, upon request, an assisted collection service to households who are unable to take their wheelie bin / sacks to the edge of their property for collection due to infirmity or disability.

If an able-bodied person aged 16+ years is resident in the house, it is expected that the able-bodied resident will present their recycling wheelie bins/sacks at the usual collection point and therefore you are not eligible to receive this service.

In some circumstances we may request proof of eligibility and may visit you at your home in the future.

You must confirm that the information you have provided is true and accurate.

If you are already receiving an assisted collection and no longer require this service select the button above to cancel this service.

We can withdraw this service at any time if we have reason to believe a household is no longer eligible.

Essential Information
  • An assisted collection is "the collection of wheelie bins/sacks by the collection crew from an agreed point at the front of the property and the return of the wheelie bin/boxes back to that point.

Frequently Asked Questions
    • Yes. You can request an assisted collection if you only need the service for a temporary period. We will ask you whether you want the service for 3 months, 6 months or 12 months.

    • We only visit some customers and this is on an ad-hoc basis throughout the year.  We will ask you, when you request an assisted collection, to give us permission to visit you, so that if we wish to visit in the future we have already obtained your permission to do this.

    • Your wheelie bins have the following differences that should make them distinguishable from each other:

      • The household rubbish bin - has one notch on the left hand side of the front edge of the lid.
      • The blue lid recycling bin – does not have any notches
      • The brown lid bin - has one notch on the right hand side of the front edge of the lid. You will only have a brown lid bin if you have purchased the green recycling collection service.

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