Statistical data or research

We will also process your personal data (including special categories of personal data) for the purpose of research or compiling statistical data about the population of the city at large to assist us in complying with our legal obligations, and to assist the council in the effective planning and provision of future services.

Some of the research we are undertaking or involved in requires active participation. In these cases, those involved in the research will have been contacted directly to seek their consent both to involvement in the research and to the exchanges of information associated with the research. People involved in such research are free to withdraw consent at any time without any effect on any other services they are receiving from the council.

However, much of the research that the council will carry out using personal data that it holds will involve processing of personal data that is necessary for:

  • archiving purposes in the public interest
  • scientific or historical research purposes
  • statistical purposes

Research and statistical processing are carried out by the council in accordance with the relevant provisions of the DPA 2018 and UK GDPR.

Statistical data

Statistical data or statistical analysis will not allow the identification of any specific individual nor will it have any impact on any individual’s entitlement to council services and facilities.

We may use your personal information to administer our website and internal operations including data analysis, statistical and survey purposes (see also Cookies page). If we require your specific or explicit consent to do this then we shall seek your consent in advance and only after outlining to you the purpose of the proposed processing. You will have the option to withdraw your consent at any stage.


The council undertakes research both internally and with our partners such as Public Health or NHS partners. An example of the research is the National Impact Study, a major piece of national research comparing the progress of families with complex needs and requiring additional services with those who do not have the additional services. This allows the Government to determine the effectiveness of the programme. We may also conduct research for service development and planning purposes.

All research undertaken will be essential to establishing the best way of working with families and improve outcomes for them and the wider community and save public money. Research data will be processed in a manner to ensure that individuals cannot be identified from the research.

Page last updated: 1 May 2024

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