Leaseholder Liaison Board

The Leaseholder Liaison Board (LLB) looks at issues that particularly affect leaseholders such as leaseholder charges and major repair programmes.

The Leaseholders Liaison Board is made up of leaseholder representatives from each constituency. Members meet every two months to share information and knowledge to improve services for leaseholders and achieve value for money.

Leaseholder Liaison Board members are elected and every constituency in the city is represented. There are up to 20 places on the LLB, a maximum of two for each constituency. New people are elected when there are vacancies on the board.

Leaseholders are also welcome to participate in the Local Housing Liaison Boards and the City Housing Liaison Board.

If you are a residential leaseholder of Birmingham City Council and are interested in joining the LLB, look at the documents below and contact the Leasehold Services team.

Page last updated: 30 June 2023

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