Performance Monitoring Group

The Performance Monitoring Group (PMG) is a subgroup of the City Housing Liaison Board (CHLB).

The group was set up to make sure that tenants and leaseholders have a say in:

  • how their homes and neighbourhoods are managed
  • council services

The PMG monitors and scrutinises how well council services perform compared to the experiences of tenants and leaseholders. It allows tenants to challenge the performance data of the council and repairs contractors which helps to improve services.

The PMG is made up of:

  • nine tenant volunteers nominated from the City Housing Liaison Board and local Housing Liaison Boards
  • senior managers from the Council’s Performance Team, Housing Management Service and Repairs and Maintenance Team

The PMG also monitors performance reports that cover the citywide housing management service and repairs contractors, including the:

  • Performance Improvement Plan, which is the Housing Services team’s formal plan to improve services
  • Tenants' Quality Promise, which is the team’s performance promises to tenants and leaseholders

Local HLBs also scrutinise quarterly HLB reports, which contain district level information.

Page last updated: 30 June 2023

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