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You can apply for an HMO licence on this page.

We no longer accept paper applications for HMO licences.

Before you apply

Any HMO licence must be in the name of the current landlord or managing agent. You cannot transfer an HMO licence.

If you have bought a licensed HMO you must apply for a new HMO licence in your own name.

If you are renewing your HMO licence, you should always apply two months before the current licence runs out.

You should also check the public register to see if there is already an HMO licence for the property before you apply for one.

Check the public register

Documents and other information

You will need some documents and other information before you apply for an HMO licence:

Layout of the property

You will need to tell us about the layout, size and number of rooms in the property when you apply.

We also need to know about the position of smoke alarms, emergency lighting units and fire doors.

Most people find the best way to provide this information is to give us a floor-plan of the property.

Gas safety

When you apply, we will ask you about the safety of gas equipment in your property. You will have to give us a declaration that any gas equipment or appliances in the HMO are safe.

Although it’s not a legal requirement, the easiest way to confirm this will be to send us a current gas safety certificate with your application.

Electrical safety

We will ask you about the safety of electrical equipment in your property when you apply.

The easiest way to confirm this will be to send us these documents with your application:

  • current electrical safety certificate
  • current portable application test certificate (PAT)

Energy Performance Certificate

You will need an Energy Performance Certificate to rent out an HMO.

Apply for an HMO licence

Page last updated: 18 April 2024

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