Working together across health and care

Adult social care is working in partnership with health and care organisations to deliver better and joined up care.

We are working with local NHS, other councils, and care organisations in the Birmingham and Solihull integrated Care System.

The aims are to:

  • join up health and social care services
  • ensure that you can access the right care to meet your needs
  • provide services at the right time, in the right place, regardless of who may be providing the care
  • put you at the heart of the health and care system.

What is an Integrated Care System?

The Integrated Care System (ICS) is a new statutory body.

The ICS aims to build on existing partnerships between the NHS and local councils to:

  • join up health and care services in their areas
  • support the prevention of ill health
  • improving outcomes for people's health and healthcare
  • take steps to improve inequality of outcomes, experience and access.

What does this mean for adult social care?

For Adult Social Care, it helps to achieve our goal of supporting people to stay well and independent in their own homes and communities.

What is happening

Across Birmingham and Solihull, the work is being led by a partnership between all health, social care, and voluntary sectors called the Birmingham and Solihull Community Care Collaborative (CCC).

In December 2023, the Birmingham Community Healthcare Trust was chosen by the ICS to take the lead and carry out the programme.

The CCC partnership will focus on 5 workstreams for the initial 3-year period.

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Who will monitor the work of the ICS?

The ICS is overseen by and its work directed by the Integrated Care Board (ICB).

The ICB works with the health and care organisations in Birmingham and Solihull. The ICB agree the:

  • work the ICS will do, and
  • how to further improve the health and care for everyone across Birmingham and Solihull.

Read more about the Birmingham and Solihull Integrated Care System

Page last updated: 22 March 2023

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