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Help to stop smoking

Stopping smoking is the best thing you can do to improve your health and the health of the people around you.

How can I stop smoking?

Did you know that evidence shows you are three times more likely to quit successfully with specialist support than going it alone.

Help is available

We offer 12 weeks of support and advice to help you stop smoking by providing information on coping with triggers, habits and stress. We help you choose the right products to support your quit attempt and provide access to treatment, i.e.

  • Nicotine replacement therapy/electronic cigarette
  • Prescribe Champix (a non-nicotine medication)

Treatments are free if you do not pay for prescriptions, and if you do a single prescription fee will be charged.

Where can I get help?

There are over 300 GPs and pharmacies delivering stop smoking services in Birmingham.

To find your nearest stop smoking advisor, simply enter your postcode in the box below then book an appointment. You can search all services, by GP or by pharmacy.

Want to know more?

There is a lot of free national support and information available to help you, including:

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