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What to look for and consider

Schools judged by Ofsted to be ‘Good’ or ‘Outstanding’ should be prioritised when seeking a place for looked-after children in need of a new school.

Unless there are exceptional evidence-based reasons, looked-after children should never be placed in a school judged by Ofsted to be ‘Inadequate’.

When consideration is given to schools judged ‘Requiring Improvement’

Virtual School Heads and social workers should have evidence that the school is providing high-quality support to its vulnerable pupils and will enable a looked-after child to make maximum progress before placing them in that school.

The choice of the education setting should be based on what any good parent would want for their child.

  • The child’s wishes and feelings should be taken into account, and the suitability of the education setting tested by arranging an informal visit with the child. 
  • When looking at schools it is important to explore whether the school have a good pastoral team to support the child. 
  • This may include offering therapeutic support or 1.1 mentoring. 

Many children in care have had adverse childhood experiences and therefore it is important to consider whether the school selected is attachment aware and that they have an understanding of trauma-informed practice.

Support for finding a suitable setting (pupils aged 5 to 16)

When an educational setting is sought, Birmingham Virtual School Placement Officers can support you in finding an appropriate provision.

Placement officers can be contacted by completing the referral form.

Education placement referral form: Begin now

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