Our online forms and systems

Some of our forms and systems will be offline between 7:00pm on Tuesday 23 April and 7:00am on Wednesday 24 April. Forms or payments submitted or made by phone after 8:30pm may not be received. To find out more about the section 114 notice, visit our section 114 page

British Sign Language (BSL)

Sign Health – BSL Coronavirus Information

Sign Health ‘Two Minute Updates’ summarise major government Coronavirus briefings and any major changes in Coronavirus information.

As well as this, their website offers BSL versions of:

  • Current restrictions
  • Symptoms and testing
  • Isolation and shielding
  • Vaccination
  • Mental and physical health
  • Test and Trace
  • General health and safety (such as how to wear a mask)

Coronavirus Information from the Government in BSL

BSL Interpretation service

You can now communicate in British Sign Language while getting a test for COVID-19 using BSL Health Access.

BID Services

This includes national and local guidance, information about the Covid-Champions network and how to search your risk level by postcode.

NHS Leicester City have produced a series of videos about coronavirus in BSL

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