Deletion (removal) from roll

Guidance for schools and other professionals working with school age children

All schools, academies, independent schools and alternative providers must comply with the Education (Pupil Registration) (England) (Amendment) Regulations 2016 if they want to delete a child’s name from their admissions register, in other words, to remove a child from roll.

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In addition, schools must inform the local authority of all deletions from roll except where the pupil has completed the final year of education normally provided by that school (for example years 6 or 11). This must be no later than the time at which the pupil’s name is deleted from the register. In Birmingham, schools should use the pupil movement form on the school’s portal to notify the local authority of a deletion. Contact School Admissions for more details.

Schools should be aware that deleting a child’s from the admissions register outside of the Regulations is an offence in law. It can also be seen as ‘off rolling’ by Ofsted leading to a negative inspection outcome.

Deletion from roll - myth buster!

There are a number of myths surrounding roll removal, some of which could lead to serious consequences for the school, parents and the child. This myth buster seeks to help schools avoid unlawful deletion, keeping children safe and accessing their entitlement to a full-time education.

Deletion from roll – myth buster!

Concerns about a possible unlawful deletion from roll

If you are concerned that a child has been removed from roll outside of the Regulations you can raise your concerns by contacting the Education Legal Intervention Team via email. You must include your details, the parent’s name, the child’s name, address, contact details and the name of the school in question. Full details of the circumstances of the deletion as you understand them will also be required

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