Willoughby Gullachsen collection

Willoughby Gullachsen's work has been exhibited throughout the Midlands since 1959, including commissions for Birmingham Libraries: The Brummies (1994), Hidden Birmingham (1996), and Senior Citizens (2000). Gus published Shooting through Life in 2007 [ISBN 978-09553648 4 6]. This contains a selection of his photographs, with brief explanations to their personal significance to him.

Gullachsen's work at the Birmingham Repertory Theatre 1968 to 1984 is part of the Birmingham Repertory Theatre Archive at the Library of Birmingham which is stored under the reference number MS 2339, enquiries can be made by name of production. The Willoughby Gullachsen Collection contains a wider body of his work and was recently received by the Library of Birmingham. It is stored under the reference MS 2307 and is currently being worked on by the Photographic department.

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