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Dorothy Howell's compositions

Stage works

Christmas Eve (play by Rose Fyleman), 1922
Sanctity (play by Violet Clifton), 1938

Orchestral works

Concert Overture (never performed)
Concerto for Piano and Orchestra, 1923
Danse Grotesque, 1919
Divertissements, 1950
Fanfare (later named Westminster), 1930
Humoresque, 1919
Koong Shee, 1921
Lamia, 1919
Lauda Sion (prelude on the plain-song theme)
Minuet for Strings, 1923
The Rock, 1928
Symphony (sketches - incomplete)
Two Dances, 1920
Two Pieces For Muted Strings, 1926

Sacred choral works

Alleluia, 1971
Apostles’s Creed, 1965
Coeliemarrant Gloria Dei (Motet), 1961
Christmas Bells Are Ringing, 1940
Domine Salvum Fac
English Mass for Ampleforth, 1967
Epiphany, 1961
For You as He Commanded His Angels to Keep You, 1978
In All Your Ways
Four Anthems of Our Lady, 1966
How Lovely Are Thy Dwellings, 1971
Let Us Go to Bethlehem
Mass (For Stanbrook), 1978
Mass in Honour of The Holy Family
Messe Notre Dame
Missa Brevis (in honour of St Antoni)
Missa Simplex, 1960
Oculi Omnium, 1962
Praise Be The God of Love
Rejoice Heavenly Powers
St Michael’s Mass, 1965
Short English Mass for Congregation, 1967
Simple Mass for the People, 1965
This Way Home
Today a Saviour Has Been Born to Us
Vidi Aquam
Word Was Made Flesh

Secular choral works

Bird Song, 1933
Fairy Drapery Store, 1931
Fairy Queen Went Sailing By, 1922
Fifty Songs for Schools, 1933
Foxglove, 1915?
If You Come to Corte, 1929
If You Meet a Fairy, 1922
Lily-pool, 1929
Little Princess, 1926
Mrs Barks, 1930
Muffin Man, 1932
Old Mrs Clutterbuck, 1932
Reflections, 1938
Secret, 1923
Song of the Jellicles, 1953
Spring, 1934
Summer, 1929
Top of the Hill, 1934
Two Frogs, 1922
Weather-cocks, 1955
Wouldn’t It Be Funny, 1936

Chamber and instrumental works

Adagio and Caprice, 1955
Air, Variations and Finale, 1949
Chelworth Album
Dance for String Quartet, 1927
For Myfanwy
Moorings, 1925
Phantasy for Violin and Piano, 1925
Purbeck Pieces
Rosalind, 1920
Short Fugue for String Trio
Sonata in F Minor for Violin and Piano, 1954
String Quartet in D Minor
Two Pieces for Violin and Piano, 1956
Variations for Four Cellos, 1929

Vocal solo works (with piano)

The Bears, 1922
Dance Song, 1922
It’s Best to Be a Brownie, 1924
Little Prince, 1923
Little Princess, 1923
Little Round House, 1922
Love-in-a-mist, 1926
My White Lady, 1924
Pot-pourri, 1923
Tortoiseshell Cat, 1922
To Sine in Winter, 1928
Two Frogs, 1921

Vocal solo works (with orchestra)

A South-wester, 1919
A Sunset, 1919
Two Frogs

Solo piano works

Air in F Minor, 1926
Alla Mazur, 1960
A-shopping We Will Go, 1923
August (The Harvest Field), 1934
Boat Song, 1920
Borne on the Breeze, 1945
Chinese Dance
Cradle Song
Danse Levantine, 1945
Dutch Folk Tune
Five Studies for Pianoforte, 1919
Homage to Scarlatti, 1945
Humoresque, 1919
Impromptu, 1919
Keyboard Work for Harmony Students, 1962
Knight Forlorn, 1962
Learning to Waltz, 1942
March Gateau, 1918
Off to the Tourney, 1962
Piano Piece (un-named), 1914
Pieces for the Bairns, 1917
Prelude in A Flat, 1929
Prelude in C Major, 1929
Prelude in F Minor, 1929
Prospect, 1948
Puppydogs’ Tales, 1925
Scherzo, 1945
Six Pianoforte Compositions, 1911
Sonata (Two Movements in C Minor), 1916
Sonata in E Minor, 1955
Spindrift, 1920
Theme And Variations, 1916?
Tim Went A-walking, 1960
Wedding March

Works for two pianos

Humoresque, 1919
Mazurka, 1937
Recuerdos Preciosos, 1934
Spindrift, 1920

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