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Key announcements

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Standards committee

Complaints made about our Councillors are reported to the Standards Committee. This committee is responsible for promoting and maintaining high standards of conduct by councillors.

Membership consists of:

  • two members from each of the 3 largest political group on the council
  • a member of the Town Council
  • a member of the Parish Council and Parish Council
  • six lay members

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Key Roles

  • advising the City Council on the adoption or revision of the Code of Conduct
  • monitoring the operation of the Code of Conduct
  • advising, training or arranging to train members and co-opted members on matters relating to the City Council’s Code of Conduct
  • determining complaints brought by members of the public alleging a breach of the Code of Conduct by Councillors
  • determining the penalty to be imposed in the event of a breach of the Code being upheld
  • hearing appeals as may be necessary
  • granting any dispensations and dealing with any other powers granted to Standards Committees by legislation
  • to submit an Annual report on the work of the Standards Committee and, generally, promoting the standards of ethical conduct and behaviour expected of Councillors.

The Standards Committee shall also determine under Sections 1 and 2 of the Local Government and Housing Act 1989 any application:

  • received from any officer of the Council for exemption from political restriction and
  • any application to consider whether a post should be included in the list maintained by the Council under Section 2(2) of the 1989 Act, and may direct the Council to include a post in that list.

You can view dates, agenda and minutes of the committee meetings on the Committee management Information System (CMIS) website.