Guidelines for street parties

If you are interested in applying for permission to close a road you will need to accept the guidelines below.

You must:

  • allow all residents and emergency services access to the road, including access to emergency vehicles
  • ensure clear and unobstructed access to all fire hydrant covers
  • only close the road for the hours agreed
  • keep the party within the closed section of the road
  • inform all residents and businesses who may be directly or indirectly (for instance on likely traffic route diversions) affected by the event, including those who may be disturbed by increased noise levels
  • keep the foot or pathway clear at all times for pedestrians and cyclists (on foot) passing through the area
  • use signs complying with national standards to close off the road (we will give you advice once your application is received)
  • avoid any overspill of parking onto nearby streets where possible
  • ensure appropriate supervision at all times of ‘bouncy castles’ and other child play equipment
  • make sure bunting across the road is at least five metres high, and remove it after the event
  • keep noise to reasonable levels, especially later in the evening
  • finish promptly at the time agreed

You must not:

  • place anything on the road that cannot be immediately removed in case of an emergency (including tents or marquees)
  • allow bonfires, barbeques or mobile cookers on the road, pavement or grassed areas
  • use metal stakes on the road, pavement or grassed areas as these may damage underground cables or utility mains
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