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What repairs will be done before I move in?

When a council house becomes empty, we carry out work to make sure it is clean, safe and ready for the next person to move into. We call this our “Empty Property Repair Standard”.

In summary, before you move in we aim to make sure that:

  • any repairs needed are carried out
  • there are cooking facilities, bathroom facilities, gas, electric, heating, hot water, doors that are good working order, and windows that are watertight
  • all floors, cupboards and surfaces are clean

Download our Empty Property Repair Standards leaflet to find out exactly what work we’ll do.


It is your responsibility to redecorate your new home as you wish.

Before you move in we will remove any graffiti, strip severely damaged wallpaper and repair any severely damaged large areas of plaster.


Before you move in, we will remove all rubbish from the garden and fill in any garden ponds. If the garden is very overgrown we may cut it back, but otherwise garden maintenance is your responsibility.

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