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Home visits

We aim to visit as many of our tenants in their home as often as we can.

Visits are carried out by housing officers who all carry ID to show they are Birmingham City Council employees.

As one of the conditions of your tenancy all tenants are required to allow us access for the visits. When you move into your home, you will have a scheduled visit within the first 12 months as part of your introductory tenancy.

When do the visits take place?

We will contact you to let you know when your home visit will be. If the appointment we’ve given you isn’t convenient, contact us through the customer contact hub and we will re-arrange it. You will be provided with our contact details when we make the first appointment.

You must make every effort to be at home for the visit. If you are out when we arrive, we will contact you to arrange another appointment. You will be offered two appointment dates. It is your responsibility to make sure that one of these visits can take place.

If we have not been able to complete a home visit after three attempts, we may begin legal proceedings to gain access to your home.

A visit can take up to an hour depending on the reasons for our visit.

What happens during a visit

During the visit we will check various details including the condition of the property and who lives there. We may need to see their identification.

The visit gives you the chance to talk about any issues you have with your home or neighbourhood. They also give you a chance to:

  • get help and advice with your tenancy, for example, you can find out about the range of services we provide
  • let us know about problems such as debt, antisocial behaviour, dumped rubbish or properties that are being misused

The visits also give us the opportunity to check that our homes are being kept in a good and safe condition and aren’t being used for anything that breaches the tenancy conditions.

Page last updated: 16 May 2023

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