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Doing business with the council and tender opportunities

How to tender and win business

Birmingham Council spends millions of pounds on the procurement of work, supplies and services each year, with a diverse local supply market (of all sizes), offering a wide range of commercial opportunities.

The council have put together a presentation that aims to help all potential tenderers wanting to work with Birmingham City Council. It includes the following:

  • Our vision, priorities and procurement objectives
  • How to find out about our work opportunities
  • How to bid for work
  • How we evaluate and our awards process
  • Contract management and transparency
  • Checklist to help you
  • Contacts if you need any further information

We want our procurement (buying) processes to be as clear and useful as possible. To help, we advertise any contract opportunities for goods and services:

All contract opportunities worth more than £10,000 are processed through the Birmingham City Council's etendering portal.

We make sure that everything we do supports our policies. This helps to make things better for Birmingham’s citizens.

If you have any questions or need advice email

For more details on procurement please go to

Change is coming

We are moving to the new modern Oracle Cloud software in April 2022, replacing our existing financial and procurement system SAP Voyager, and if you are one of our existing suppliers this may affect you 

For our contracted suppliers we will be moving communication with you to our new Supplier Portal, allowing you to manage transactions with Birmingham City Council in one place. Benefits include;

  • Easy to track invoice payments 
  • Easy to amend your own details
  • Receive work-flow notifications if any contract changes
  • Easy to tender process

Does this affect you?

This change will affect you if you:

  • If you are an existing commercial supplier with Birmingham City Council
  • Transact with the council using purchase orders
  • If you are a supplier who would respond to tenders 

What do you need to do?

Right now, just sit tight. In early 2022 we will contact applicable suppliers with guidance and instruction for this new portal.  For now, watch this space for further downloadable information and detail on specific new benefits over the next few months and if you have questions contact the CPS team at

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