Purchase order exemptions guidance

The following categories are approved as exemptions to raising purchase orders on Oracle.

All invoices received for payment must either quote a valid Purchase Order Number or meet an exemption category below to be processed for payment. Invoices not meeting this requirement will be returned unpaid to the supplier.

Category and Description of PO Exemptions

Refund and Reimbursements

  • Any payment to reimburse monies already paid

Permitted examples:

Petty Cash, Bursary payments, Expenses Claims (non-employee); Relocation Expenses, Parking Charges, Doctor/Witness Fees

Statutory and Support Payments

  • Bailiff Debt Charges
  • Grant Payments
  • Registration of Marriages
  • Rent
  • VAT only invoices
  • Payment to Other Governments Bodies i.e. HMRC; DWP; Other Councils

Utility and Fuel Charges

  • Gas
  • Electric
  • Telecommunications: Mobile phone charges
  • Water charges

Feeder and Imported Files

  • Pharmacy/Doctors Payments – Public Health
  • Adult External Placements via Eclipse
  • Allotment Payments
  • Books – Library Services
  • Catering Disposables – Saffron
  • Document Storage
  • Housing Repair and Maintenance
  • Food & Beverages – Saffron
  • Acivico Payments
  • Personal Hygiene Bins
  • Translators/Interpreters
  • P Card Payments
  • Temporary Workers – Hays
  • School/Nursery Fees
  • Children’s Placements
  • Personal Care Allowance Payments
  • Foster Payments
  • BCC Housing Rent Payments BCT


  • Foreign and Domestic Travel – Click
  • MFD/Copier charges
  • One Time Payments
  • Request For Payments
  • TV Licence Fees
  • Hazardous/Clinical Waste Consignment Charges
  • Taxi incl Home to School Transport
  • Children’s Placements – Non-Feeder File
  • Specialist Parenting Assessments Disclosure Barring Service
  • Intercompany transactions between BCC and BCT

Insurance and Loans

  • nil

Legal Disbursements

  • nil

Late Payment Interest Charges

  • nil
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