Trojan Horse review

Publication of the Trojan Horse Review Group Report to the Leader of Birmingham City Council – Tuesday 22 July 2014

This report by Birmingham City Council’s Trojan Horse Review Group is a review of the findings of the Independent Chief Advisor’s investigation report (ICA – Ian Kershaw).

The review group endorses the ICA’s report and finds the criticisms of the city council over a number of years justified, although it notes that other stakeholders have major responsibilities for schools and their governance.

The review group agrees with the direction of the ICA report’s recommendations, and makes 12 recommendations (see below) in addition to the commitments made by the leader of the council on 18 July 2014.

The review group expects the civic leadership to progress all recommendations, set out in the ICA’s report and the review group report, and sees the ICA’s report as the catalyst for a radical and far-reaching response from the city council and its partners to what has happened.

The review group makes clear that the problems and failings of a small number of schools are unacceptable and go against the tradition and aspiration for a fully inclusive city; however it also notes that the issues relate to the risks posed by a small number of activists seeking to subvert a small number of schools.

The review group agrees that the key issues relate to the development of good governance across all schools.

Importantly, the review group states that, while other groups and partners have a part to play, it must be the overriding responsibility of Birmingham City Council to ensure that each and every child’s interests are properly safeguarded by the education system across the city, irrespective of a school’s legal status.

The council and all key partners, including Ofsted, need to agree key actions that can deliver effective governance across all Birmingham schools, according to the review group.

Sir Albert Bore, Leader of Birmingham City Council, said: “I welcome this report and thank the review group for their dedication in taking their responsibilities with the seriousness this issue deserves.

“I am fully committed to ensuring their recommendations are taken on board and acted upon. I also welcome the acknowledgement that this is a complex issue requiring the commitment of all agencies involved in children’s education, local and national. We must all work together to ensure that the children and young people of this city get the rounded education that they deserve.”

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