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Athletics clubs in Birmingham

Athletics in Birmingham has a proud history of success that begins in local leagues and mass participation events then reaches to World Class events in the city and the Olympic stage. It is a city that has always sought to lead the way.

If you want to join in and Run you can find your starting point, who can help you and what is on offer, all year round, here.

All of the clubs can offer advice on where and when your kids can get involved in the sport and get some great coaching alongside the chance to compete and grow their talent.

Getting started

Endurance running covers all area of jogging, running and competing with distances ranging from 2k to marathon and all stops in between!

If these sort of distances appeal to you then we can help you get started, whether you have never run before or if it has been a while.

Explore these links to get started:

Jumping, throwing or track running

Want to have a go or need a coach to support you?  Contact one of Birmingham's local clubs which are all part of the Birmingham Athletics Forum.

Coaching and mentoring:

Birmingham's Athletic Support system is keen to offer advice, guidance, mentoring and funding to aspiring RUN Leaders or Track and Field Coaches.  To find out more check out the England Athletics Coaching pages, try Sport Birmingham, or ask at your local club.


Have you got some time to spare? Do you love sport, like to organise, make a great cuppa, know your income from your expenditure or do you fancy being a licensed official? Clubs and running events need volunteers!  Contact Sport Birmingham or your nearest club to find out what roles they might have on offer!


Visit these links for more information about Birmingham's sports clubs:

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