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ASE Camera Routes | Average speed enforcement (ASE) camera | Birmingham City Council

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ASE Camera Routes

The ASE cameras are located on the following routes, with signage to inform drivers that they are entering an average speed control zone.

Birmingham routes

  • A38 Bristol Road between Priory Road and Speedwell Road (limit  30mph)
  • A456 Hagley Road between Portland Road and Lordswood Road (limit 30mph)
  • A4540 New John Street between Lucas Circus and Hospital Street (limit 30mph)
  • A34 Newtown Row between New John Street West and Newbury Road (limit 30mph)
  • A45 Coventry Road between Berkley Road and Rowland Road/Steyning Road (limit 40mph)
  • A4540 Middleway between Five Ways and Haden Circus: Islington Row Middleway, Lee Bank Middleway, Belgrave Middleway (limit 40mph)

Solihull routes

  • B425 Lode Lane between Henley Crescent and Moat Lane (limit 30mph)
  • B4114 Bradford Road / Chester Road in the vicinity of the junction (limit 30mph)
  • A3400 Stratford Road, Hockley Heath (limit 30mph)