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When the Lord Mayor arrives and leaves

When the Lord Mayor arrives

You should arrange for a named person to meet the Lord Mayor at the entrance to the building when he arrives. They should immediately take the Lord Mayor (and the Lady Mayoress, if she attends) to the President, Chairman or host of your event, and introduce them.

This should also happen when the Lady Mayoress attends a function alone, or when the Deputy Lord Mayor or a Deputy attend an event on the Lord Mayor’s behalf.

When the Lord Mayor enters an assembly (group of people gathered together), it’s normal for everyone to stand up (rise). The same happens again when he leaves.

When the Lord Mayor leaves

You should make sure that the Lord Mayor is able to leave your event at the agreed time. This is also the case if it’s the Lady Mayoress, Deputy Lord Mayor or a Deputy attending your event.

When the Lord Mayor leaves, everyone should stand up (rise) from their seats.

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