Apply for a care leavers Council Tax discount

We provide a Council Tax discount for Birmingham care leavers. This reduces your Council Tax bills to zero until your 25th birthday.

If you are a Birmingham care leaver, you will still need to apply for any other reduction to which you are entitled to, such as:

  • student discount or exemption
  • single resident discount
  • Council Tax Support (CTS)

We will automatically award you a top-up discount, so you have nothing more to pay until your 25th birthday.

This discount does not apply if:

  • the bill is in someone else’s name, such as a friend, relative or landlord
  • you are a care leaver from outside Birmingham (you should ask the council that was responsible for your care to help you pay your bill)

This discount applies if:

  • you are jointly liable for Council Tax with someone who is not a care leaver
  • you would be named on the bill if you were not a student

If you get a bill and you think you should have had this discount, email

This discount is only for amounts due for periods after 1 April 2017, so you will still need to pay any Council Tax you owe for an earlier period. Unless you have already done so, you will need to contact us to agree on a payment arrangement.

Apply for a care leaver discount

Page last updated: 31 January 2024

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