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Education and attainment data

This page contains key information for schools around the collection and analysis of assessment data. The focus will be on the summer collections for Early Years Foundation Stage profile (EYFSP), phonics and KS1. It will also cover KS2.

Primary Collections 2020

As in previous years, we will be collecting data for the EYFSP, phonics and KS1. Once again, the KS2 teacher assessments will be uploaded directly to the DfE via the Primary Assessment Gateway.

Local Guidance

This local guidance compliments the statutory guidance published by the DfE in the Assessment and Reports Arrangements .

The main Assessment and Reporting Arrangements documents are available on the STA website.

Recording and Submission guidance

The files containing the assessments for EYFSP, KS1 and Phonics will be submitted to the LA via AnyComms+ which is supported by Link2ICT for all schools.

  • To be updated 2020


Schools should ensure they have appropriate support in place for the recording of the assessments and the export of the final data. Most schools will record the assessments in their MIS so this will be their school MIS support.

If you use any software not supported by Link2ICT or do not get your support from them you should check with your local IT provision that your software can record and export the data in the required format.


When we have received and processed your data for the EYFSP, phonics and KS1 we will provide you with reports that allow you to check the data before it is sent to the DfE. Once again the reports are to be published on Perspective Lite.

Contact: educationdata@birmingham.gov.uk

Confirmation sheets

For convenience, here are separate copies of the confirmation sheets referred to in the LA Recording and Submission guidance.

  • To be updated 2020

Information about how data is used for statutory assessment data collections please see Data Sharing Guidance.