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Education and attainment data

This page contains key information for schools around the collection and analysis of assessment data. The focus will be on the the summer collections for Early Years Foundation Stage profile (EYFSP), Phonics, Key Stage 1 (optional) and KS2.

Primary Collections 2024

As in previous years, we will be collecting data for EYFSP, Phonics and Key Stage 1 (optional). The Key Stage 2 assessments will be uploaded directly to the DfE via Primary Assessment Gateway.

Local Guidance

This local guidance compliments the statutory guidance published by the DfE in the Assessment and Reports Arrangements.

The main Assessment and Reporting Arrangements documents are available on the STA website.

Recording and Submission guidance

The following guidance documents will be updated in May 2024:

  • Early years foundation stage
  • Key stage 1
  • Phonics

Reference tables to support the Key stage 1 and 2 data entry

KS1 and KS2 Code reference tables


Schools should ensure they have appropriate support in place for the recording of the assessments and the export of the final data. Most schools will record the assessments in their MIS so this will be their school MIS support.


As part of the statutory collections process, Birmingham City Council uses Anycomms+ as a secure method of data transfer. All state funded schools and academies within Birmingham must submit their annual Early Years Foundation Stage Profile, Key Stage 1 and Phonics results to the LA using the online portal.

Refer to the Anycomms+ guidance for help with logging in to the online portal.

Confirmation forms

The following confirmation forms will be updated in May 2024:

  • Early years foundation stage
  • Key stage 1
  • Phonics


When we have received and processed your data for Early Years Foundation Stage profile (EYFSP), Phonics and Key stage 1, we will provide you with reports that allow you to check the data before it is sent to the DfE. Once again the reports are to be published on Perspective Lite.


Moderation Appeals process for Key Stage 1 and 2 for 2023

One of the local authority’s statutory duties following moderation is to notify the head teacher of each moderated school whether or not the assessments in the school are accurate and consistent with national standards. If a school does not agree with the changes that moderators have made to their original teacher assessment judgement, then the following procedures apply.

  • Birmingham appeals process KS1 and 2 - coming soon

Information about how data is used for statutory assessment data collections, see Data Sharing Guidance.

Page last updated: 21 February 2024

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