Help to protect your belongings and property

You may need someone to help secure your property and belongings if:

  • You need to go into hospital or a care home (including a care home with nursing), or,
  • You’re made the subject of a Place of Safety Order.

We can help to protect your property and belongings if:

  • it’s clear that they’re at risk or in danger, and,
  • no other person is able to act on your behalf.

To do this we’d take similar steps to the ones that you’d take when you go away on holiday.

  • Buildings can be secured, which means taking reasonable steps such as locking doors and shutting windows.
  • If valuables such as cash, jewellery, or antiques have been left in a property, or pets have been left alone, then further action may be necessary.
  • Permission from the owner must be sought to enter the property, except where the person is unable to give it due to reasons of ill-health, i.e. the lack of capacity to make a decision.

Charges - The first month of the service is delivered without charge, after which the property owner will be liable for a monthly charge, or part thereof.

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