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Help with arranging funeral | Help with arranging a funeral | Birmingham City Council

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Help with arranging funeral

The city council may arrange a funeral on behalf of anyone who dies within Birmingham City Council’s boundaries when no-one else is willing or able to arrange one.

If the person has died in hospital we may have an agreement in place for them to make the funeral arrangements on our behalf. You should check with the hospital to see whether this is the case before contacting us.

If there is enough money for a funeral

If the person who has died has left enough money or property, we can arrange for a private funeral that is as close as possible to their last known wishes, or the wishes of their family, carers or friends.

We use our contracted funeral director (C Bastock Limited) to arrange the funeral, unless:

  • the deceased stated in writing that they wanted a particular funeral director; or
  • the funeral director that they chose has already been paid.

We may make a small administrative charge for work we've carried out and for the cost of the funeral.

After any admin and funeral charges have been deducted, any remaining money will go to the Treasury Solicitor, in accordance with their guidelines.

If there is not enough money for a funeral

If the person who has died has no estate (no money or property), we'll arrange a simple funeral. This will be within the city boundary using C Bastock Limited as the funeral directors.

We will make sure that the preparations for the funeral are carried out in a dignified and sensitive way. We will also take into consideration the deceased’s religious and cultural background.

We will let family, carers and friends know the date, time and place of the funeral, so they can attend.