Support for people who can't make or understand important decisions

Sometimes people are not able to make important decisions themselves and do not have family or friends who are able to help them.

If you or a family member, friend or someone you care for needs this support, the council has commissioned the Birmingham Advocacy Hub to support you or the person who needs it.

The Birmingham Advocacy Hub delivers advocacy services to the residents of Birmingham and can help you with the following:

  • speak up for yourself or give your views
  • understand the process you are going through, your rights, and what choices are available to you
  • be part of an important decision that is being made about you
  • prepare for and take part in meetings and tribunals
  • raise queries or concerns
  • access information in the format that is most suitable
  • access services that can support you
  • Advocates can also provide information and signpost you to other helpful services.

Other areas of specific support

The Birmingham Advocacy also delivers the following services:

How to get support from an advocate?

To get support from the advocacy service, you will need to complete a referral form.

How to access the referral forms

Where to send your completed referral form

  • By post to: POhWER, PO Box 17943, Birmingham, B9 9PB
  • Secure email:
  • Fax: 0300 456 2365

If you:

  • have any queries about completing the referral form, or
  • are not sure if you can get an advocate, or for more information, advice, and support.

Telephone Birmingham Advocacy Hub on 0300 456 2370


Visit Birmingham Advocacy Hub website

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Page last updated: 29 August 2023

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