If you are a landlord and you own a house in multiple occupation (HMO), you may need a HMO licence. A HMO is a building or a part of a building (such as a flat) that is occupied by more than two persons living as more than one household.

To protect tenants in HMOs from poor conditions, the government regulates:

  • The quality of the accommodation
  • That you or your representatives are suitable to manage a HMO
  • That you do not have too many people living in your HMO
  • That HMOs considered high-risk are monitored.

We deal with all aspects of HMO licensing such as:

  • Helping you through the application process
  • Assisting with any events or change of circumstances after your licence is issued
  • Helping you to renew your licence when the old one is due to expire.

You can find full details about mandatory, licensing, relicensing and fees, as well as other helpful advice in these pages. GOV.UK has further information about HMO licensing.

Please note, that if you are changing the use of a property into a HMO you are strongly advised to consult the planning department before applying for a licence. If planning permission is unlikely to be approved, a HMO licence will have no bearing on the matter should the Planning Office consider it necessary to pursue formal action.