Holy City Zoo (site of)

Former site of holy city zoo photograph

27 Water Street, Birmingham, B3 1HL. This is now a nightclub called Subway City and is located underneath the railway arches that lead to Snow Hill station.

It used to be the site of a club called Holy City Zoo, known for its Bowie and Roxy Music type of audience. It was owned by ex-Aston Villa player and TV commentator Andy Gray amongst others.

It opened around 1979 and reportedly lasted a few years, possibly until 1982, before financial pressures forced a closure. Duran Duran played in 1980, The Eurythmics in 1981 and local New Romantic’s/New Wave names Fashion. Other acts included The Chameleons, and local band Dansette Damage.

It was possibly the site of Le Metro, a venue from the 1960s that Robert Plant played at. We'd love to hear from you as to whether we are correct in that assumption.

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