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As well as being available on Planning Online, planning information is now available via a new mapping system.

The information can also help Personal Search companies to answer some of the planning enquiries on the CON29 (2002 edition) form.

If you know the road name or post code of the property you are interested in, just type that into the search field in the top left hand corner. Once you have found the property, click the 'Identify' button on the top menu bar and then click within the boundary of the property you are interested in. The results for that property will then be displayed. A more detailed help sheet will be available soon.

The following information is available from this search

Access the Planning Registers information here

Please Note - the information on this website if for personal use only.Any unauthorised copying, reproduction or distribution is prohibited. For information about licensing or reuse, please contact us

Planning Application and Enforcement information is only currently updated weekly. Enforcement information is only available online.

However Enforcement information before 1990 is not available online and you will need to contact us for information.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Last Updated : 17th December 2013